Instruction consists of weekly private piano, guitar, and violin lessons in which repertoire, note reading, technique, practice skills, and musical literacy are emphasized. Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. Faster progress can be achieved if the students have the advantage of two or more lessons a week.



30 min $36/$38* $27 $33
45 min $54/57* $40.50 $49.50
60 min $72/76* $54 $66


*A higher piano lessons rate is a Master Teacher rate that applies to the pupils of Yevgeniya Lapskaya’s only.

The Fall Semester will be divided into two billing cycles and the Spring Semester will be divided into three billing cycles. You will receive a separate bill for the Summer Semester. Enrollment in the Summer Semester is optional. School Year will have a fixed number of weeks, which is 38, followed by a 3 week Make Up Session.  As long as a student remains enrolled in the individual lessons program, they will be responsible for the entire 38 weeks’ course tuition. No adjustments can be made to the bills during the school year.

If a student chooses to terminate their enrollment in the individual lessons program, they may do so upon the completion of a single billing cycle. No credits or refunds will be issued as a result of the termination of enrollment,  and the student’s spot on the schedule will be forfeited.


Fall Semester 2016 (16 weeks)

Billing cycle1: 8 weeks, August 22 – October 17

Billing cycle 2: 8 weeks, October 17 – December 10

Winter Break: December 12 – January 1

Spring Semester 2017 (22 weeks)

Billing cycle 1: 8 weeks, January 2 – February 25      

Billing cycle 2: 8 weeks, February 27 – April 29

Billing cycle 3: 6 weeks, May 1 – June 10

Spring Break 2017  March 20-March 25

(Spring Break week is held in the middle of the Billing cycle 2, it is not included in the bill)

Make Up Session for the School Year 2016/2017 (3 weeks)

June 12 – July 1



All bills must be paid by the due date indicated below:

Fall Semester 2016

Billing Cycle 1: August 22

Billing Cycle 2: October 17

Spring Semester 2017:

Billing Cycle 1: January 2

Billing Cycle 2: February 27

Billing Cycle 3: May 1


If a new student signs up in the middle of the session, their tuition will be prorated.

A $40 late fee will be added to your next invoice if the tuition is not paid within 7 days of the due date.

You will receive your statement one week prior to the due date.

Book fees and referral credits will be added to your base bill, which will have the same base amount according to the lesson plan you chose.



We want each student to experience the excitement of progress from week to week – the key to that is consistent practice and consistent attendance. If you must miss a lesson, be sure to contact the school at least a day in advance, by 7 p.m. the night before the lesson to ensure your missed lesson is considered excused. Three excused absence for students taking one lesson a week, and six excused absences for students taking two lessons a week are allowed during the entire course of a school year. Any more missed lessons missed by a student will not be made up or credited.

The make-up weeks are scheduled at the end of the school year.  Make up classes can only be held during the designated Make Up Session (June 12-July 1, 2017). If a student cannot attend their make up classes during the designated Make Up Session, those lessons will be forfeited.


Lessons missed by the instructor or due to holidays will be rescheduled at another time agreeable to both the student and the instructor and will be made up in addition to the allowed limit on excused absence make ups.