Open House will be held on September 11th, 2010 10:00 AM till 12 PM.

Please join Yevgeniya Lepskaya and Tim Thilleman from the Merry Music Makers for a free demo classes, snacks, ruffles.

If you are already a student at Lepskaya’s School of Music, bring your friends and family to the Open House and receive $50 credit towards your tuition when the new students sign up for classes at the Lepskaya’s School of Music.

The Dying Art of Classical Music

The Dying Art of Classical Music, Alita Carbone

There’s one thing many movies, TV shows, social media, and stores have in common: the classical music that is found playing in the background. Whether in a sad scene between two lovers, in the speakers in an elevator, or in an advertisement for a pair of shoes, you’ll find it. It may be subtle, but if you pay close attention, you’ll be able to hear it. Read more

Student Recitals

Student Recitals will be held in June 2011

To register for the Student Recitals, please go to page courses, subpage: registration.
The date for Student Recitals will be available at the end of August, 2010.

Interlocken Music Camp

Our treasured student, Alita Carbone, who has been the student of Yevgeniya (Jane) Lepskaya since 2001, was accepted to the Interlocken Music Camp in Michigan IL Summer.

Interlocken Music Camp is considered one of the best Music Camps in the United States. Alita was accepted to the high school division in Interlocken. This is her second time attending the prestigious Summer Music Camp. To read Alita’s article on the topic of Classical Music please follow this link.

Where to buy your piano

If you are looking for a good piano for your child, we suggest you visit Heavenly Pianos, located at 214 E. Golf Rd. in Arlington Heights, IL.

You are guaranteed to receive the best advice regarding the choice of pianos from one of the owners or salesmen working at the store.

Please mention that you are a member of Lepskaya’s School of Music family, and you will receive additional discount when purchasing a piano.

To learn more about Heavenly Pianos please follow this link.

Update on the page: Our Musical Ancestry

Our Musical Ancestry

Ms. Yevgeniya Lepskaya, the owner and the main piano instructor at Lepskaya’s School of Music, has had the privilege of studying with the best of the best throughout her career in the field of classical music.

This was true both in her home city of Kiev, Ukraine, as well as in Chicago in the United States, which became home for Ms. Lepskaya in 1994.
The genealogy of her musical family tree reaches directly back to Beethoven.

To read an article written by Ms. Lepskaya on Musical Ancestry please follow this link.