Tuition Fees School Year 2021/2022

Instruction consists of weekly private piano, guitar, voice, and violin lessons in which repertoire, note reading, technique, practice skills, and musical literacy are emphasized. Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length. Faster progress can be achieved if the students have the advantage of two or more lessons a week.


30 min $36/$40* $28 $36 $36
45 min $54/60* $42 $54 $54
60 min $72/80* $56 $72 $72

*The higher piano lessons rate is a Master Teacher rate that applies to the pupils of Yevgeniya Lepskaya’s only.

As long as students remain enrolled in the individual lessons program, they will be responsible for the entire 40-week academic year course tuition.

Students will receive their bills every eight weeks via email. Please pay your tuition promptly to avoid a $40 late fee. You may view the Tuition Fees Schedule by going to

Pupils may withdraw from lessons upon the completion of a single billing cycle.

If you choose to withdraw from enrollment during the school year, your $65 deposit will not be refunded. You will not be responsible for any tuition payments once you terminate lessons, and the student will forfeit their spot on the school’s schedule.

Billing Cycle 1: August 23-October 16, weeks 1-8.

Billing Cycle 2: October 18-December 11, weeks 9-16.

Billing Cycle 3: December 13-February 19, weeks 17-24.
Winter Break: December 19-January 2, you are not being charged for the Winter Break weeks.

Billing Cycle 4: February 21 -April 23, weeks 25-32.
Spring Break: March 20-March 27, you are not being charged for the Spring Break week.

Billing Cycle 5: April 25-June 18, weeks 33-40.

Make-up Session for the School Year 2021/2022: June 20-July 2, two weeks.


We want each student to experience the excitement of progress from week to a week-the key to that is consistent practice and consistent attendance. The school’s missed lessons policy requires that you give your instructor a notice by 10 pm. before your scheduled session. Once the instructor receives such a notification, the student’s absence will be marked excused.

Three excused absences for students taking one lesson a week and six excused absences for students taking two classes a week are allowed during the entire school year. Students can make up missed classes during the make-up session at the end of the School Year.

Your instructors will make up the lessons that fall on either Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Memorial Day, in addition to the allowed number of make-up classes. If your instructor cancels your lesson, she/he will make up the canceled class at the earliest convenience in addition to the allowed make-up lessons limit as well.

As a courtesy to our students enrolled in schools outside of district 64, we will provide additional make-up lessons for August 23-29 if students are out of town the week of August 23-29, 2021.