The first annual Roland Festival

The first annual Roland Festival will be held at Ravinia this year on Sunday, October 31st. (Yes, that’s Halloween!) Piano educators are invited to attend one of 3 workshops here at the Northbrook Steinway of Chicago on July12,13 or 14 to learn more about this exciting performance opportunity for your students! In addition, a significant portion of the festival will be broadcast live on WFMT radio!

At the festival in October, students will be performing pieces that they’ve already mastered with your guidance. However, their pieces will be enhanced by the numerous ensemble and orchestral capabilities of the Roland Model RM700 digital piano.

The July worshops will provide more information for educators about the festival and also about the Roland RM700. Although teachers who attend the worshop will be under no obligation to participate in the festival, those who enroll a minimum of 5 students for the festival will enjoy the free use of a new RM700 in their private studios at no cost for 90days.

Roland is the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic musical instruments. The grand piano sound in the Roland is a multi-digitally sampled Steinway Model D concert grand piano. On the basis of the authentic sound and touch, Roland is also the only digital piano offered for sale at Steinway Hall in NY.

For more information or to enroll in one of the July workshops, please contact

Brian P. Keady

Store Manager
Steinway of Chicago
141 Skokie Blvd.
Northbrook, Illinois 60062
Steinway/Boston/Essex/Cristofori Pianos
Roland Digital Pianos