Making a decision on giving your child music lessons

Making a decision to give your child private piano music lessons

Making a decision to give your child private piano, voice, violin or guitar lessons can be a tough task,
considering the resources that need to be invested in the music education.
Most parents in this situation ask themselves one question: does my child have an aptitude for learning
how to play a musical instrument?

Your child’s musical ability

There are several ways that can be used to access your child’s musical ability.

Here some of the most important points which a parent should be watching for:

1. A strong emotional response in the child that is listening to music is the first big sign of a
“musical child”. Observing children of a very young age (1-5 year old), attentive parents can notice that their
child becomes happy, bouncy, still, reserved or sad listening to the music of different character (since the
music in itself carries and emotional imprint that humans react to; some to a larger degree and some to a

2. The second big sign the parents should be looking for is advanced sensor-motor skills. Here are
some tips that will allow the parents to see if the sensor-motor skills are developed in the child of 4-6 years

• ability to keep the beat and ability to imitate rhythmic patterns;
• ability to imitate a song with their own voice;
• play short segments of a song on a musical instrument without any previous knowledge of that

particular instrument;
• ability to remember songs heard before and being able to recognize it;

3. Finally, parents observing their children performing tasks unrelated to music can notice whether
their child have a tendency to finish the task started, or leave the task half done. For example: completing a
puzzle, performing household chores, learning how to read and be able to finish a story, learning how to
count and persisting in doing so even if the tasks seems to be difficult, etc. The will and commitment in a
small child to finish what they have started will play an extremely important part in the child’s future
musical studies.

I sincerely hope that these few points I made will help the parents to decide whether it is worthwhile to
invest time and money in the musical education of their children.

Source –, by Yevgeniya (Jane) Lepskaya

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